2 Chronicles 32-34

May 19, 2023

Chronicles retells the entire story of the Hebrew Bible, highlighting the future hope of the messianic King and a restored temple.

Like the books of Samuel and Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles was also written as a single book in the Hebrew Bible. But many modern readers skip reading it when they find that it repeats much of the material from the previous books. So is Chronicles necessary to read? Yes! And we'll tell you why.

The Story So Far:

Chronicles is the last Book in the Hebrew Bible as it summarizes the continued relationship between God and Israel through the blessing of Abraham. The arrangement of Chronicles invites the reader to explore the stories of each section that reveal interesting details about David, Solomon, God's temple, the kings of Judah, and how they all work together. Chronicles is also an excellent historical reference for those studying specific facts in the Scriptures.